Toray Industries, Inc. is the original manufacturer of Nylon fishing in Japan, started Nylon spinning in 1941. Fluoro Carbon has been added to our production item since 1985. Toray International, Inc. is the largest supplier of fishing line in Japan, which includes Nylon, Fluoro Carbon and Braided line.
The underlying philosophy behind our products in the balance for better catch. Making the line stronger is not the answer. We design our line carefully considering the balance among “Suppleness”, “Spool Memory”, “Sensitivity”, “Durability” and so forth. Then, we add flavors to each individual products for their unique characteristics. “Knot Strength”, for example, is tested not only at labo level. We test in various knotting methods such as “Swivel”, “Double Figure”, “Hook”and “Line to Line” to get closer-to-reality data. In addition, our contracted line testers give us feedback from their “Field Test” in different fishing types. Our technical team develops our products by reviewing design repeatedly before we put our products into the market. Pick up and cast our micro diameter products or our true Fluoro Carbon line. You’ll see the difference supported by our technology.

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